Final Results posted for "1 can start" and "Signature Series Race 1".

21/04 - 1st of 2018 Marina Series

Briefing for WMV skippers in the Boathouse at 1000; we will run through the rules, the flags etc, the start, the finish, q&a.


See Dan for more information - you're welcome to join us - even if you mistakenly bought a boat without a mast (but you'll have to race on a boat with one!)


There are two starts - the second is gentle and great while you are learning and building up confidence.


Results and a drink in the Boathouse afterwards.

All WMV boats are scored as a fleet under NHC.

All WCA boats are scored as a fleet under CYCA.

15/04 - Pursuit Race #1

Sunday saw the first pursuit race of the 2018 Summer Series. Thanks to Peter & Gill for a super job as Race Officers, and to Dave W for helping (again) before joining Deo confidimus to defend last position. 

08/04 - 1st of new WCA Signature Series

This new series of 6 Sunday Races follows the WCA's signature format: A friendly but competitive Sunday afternoon race-around-the-cans with results and a drink afterwards in the Boathouse.

The series is scored under CYCA, but don't worry if you haven't got your rating yet (or even got started on it) - we will assign you a temporary rating - and if you're stuck let us know and we'll help you with the form and/or measurements.

This year we're trying something new with the Inter-club format, so this new series lets us keep the familiar and loved Sunday format across the summer.


UPDATE: Very light winds made for an interesting afternoon. Thanks to David W, Andrew S and Andy T who did a great job getting a race started. Here are the results: -

2017-18 Windermere WINTER Series Closes

incorporating the inaugural SPINLOCK IRC GBR INLAND CHAMPIONSHIP

The 2017-18 Windermere Winter Series began in the WCA's 50th anniversary year and we were delighted that this coincided with approval from IRC Rating for an official championship - the inaugural Sppinlock IRC GBR Inland Championship.

There were a few other firsts (as far as we know!)

  • The first Winter Series in which all 16 races were sailed.
  • The first Winter Series held entirely in the North Lake.
  • The first Winter Series to be filmed for TV.
  • The first Winter Series with 3 races on the last day.

The presentation was made in the Boathouse with prize winners as follows: -

Prize Winning boat
2018 IRC GBR Inland Champion Missred
2018 SB20 Winner Sweaty Betty
2018 Sonata Winner Missred
2018 211 Winner Carousel
2018 WCA Prize Not Another One

All images (c) 2018 WCA. All rights reserved.

Thanks to our Series Sponsors

2017-18 Winter Series Final Results


For Series Standings click the column title; full Results here
Race # IRC Sonata Ben 1st 21 SB20
1 IRC 1 Son 1 Ben 1 SB 1
2 IRC 2 Son 2 Ben 2 SB 2 
3 IRC 3 Son 3 Ben 3 SB 3
4 IRC 4 Son 4 Ben 4 SB 4
5 IRC 5 Son 5 Ben 5 SB 5
6 IRC 6 Son 6 Ben 6 SB 6
7 IRC 7 Son 7 Ben 7 SB 7
8 IRC 8 Son 8 Ben 8 SB 8
9 IRC 9 Son 9 Ben 9 SB 9
10 IRC 10 Son 10 Ben 10 SB 10
11 IRC 11 Son 11 Ben 11 SB 11
12 IRC 12 Son 12 Ben 12 No entries
13 IRC 13 Son 13 Ben 13 No entries
14 IRC 14 Son 14 Ben 14 SB 14
15 IRC 15 Son 15 Ben 15 No entries
16 IRC 16 Son 16 Ben 16 No entries


and our race sponsors

Windermere One-Design Inland Championship 10&11 March, 2018

The WCA was pleased to introduce the first Windermere One-Design Inland Championship in association with the National Sonata Class Assocation and the UK SB20 Class Association in March. The National Sonata Association wrote a preview and post-event report for Yachts & Yachting.

The event attracted 12 Sonatas and 6 SB20s with entries from the Scotland, the North East and Isle of Man. 

Honours went to Virtuoso from Scotland and Albert from the Isle of Man and we hope they will be back next year to defent their titles. The format of the racing was new for WCA with much shorter rapid turnover races.

The Royal Windermere Yacht Club kindly opened their doors to the competitors for a well attended informal crew dinner on Saturday evening.

2018 Sonata Inland Champions Virtuoso (GBR8005N)

2018 SB20 Inland Champions Albert (GBR3134)

2018 Summer Series: CYCA to replace nhc


As I outlined at the AGM, the Association has been considering moving from NHC to the CYCA (Clyde Yacht Club's Association) Handicap Scheme. At the last committee meeting the committee voted to approve this and consequently the 2018 Summer Series will be scored using CYCA, with NHC only used for WMV entries in the Marina Series.

Whilst it's called a handicap it's actually a rating, and each yacht will need a rating certificate. Dave and I are putting together a process to organise this as smoothly as we can so we'll be ready before the season starts. The RWYC and LDBC have indicated that they will also move their cruisers to the scheme.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call or email any one of the committee.

2018 Summer Series Calendar


The winter solstice slipped by earlier today; the days will "get longer" and before we know it we'll be starting another summer series. To celebrate I've posted the 2018 Summer Series Calendar. You'll see a new format for the Inter-Club races; 4 stand alone 2-day regattas instead of 12 individual races. Each regatta will be 4 races (no discards) and will be hosted by a different club (RWYC then WMBRC then LDBC then WCA). There will also be an overall winner (12 of 16 races to count).

There's a new "Signature Challenge" 6 race series.

As Easter is so early we're running a fun race on April 1st - lots of starts, with racing around 1 mark only. Essentially it's starting practice with scoring.

II'll send out a longer update soon.


Merry Christmas all!

2017 Summer Series memories

with thanks to Oliver, Tme Flies Media

Racing Status:
Sat 21st April 1330
Marina Series Race 1
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