Summer 2020 - A tentative start ...

Tentatively 11th or 12th July, suitable weather dependent

The WCA Committee has been meeting over Zoom to prepare for a sensible and respectful return to summer activity.


We are planning to return to summer sailing with modified pursuit races first. These will not have a committee boat and the start line will be the projection across the lake of either the Bark Barn Jetty or Brockhole pier in the North Lake, or Storrs Hall Pier in the South Lake.


Rather than rafting up after the first of these we're considering having a club sail-by : essentially boats under engine only sail in a loop so crews can see each other and say hello etc. All from a safe distance, but a nice way to see each other after lockdown. 


The pursuit race itself is intended to be a bit of fun and a chance to shake off the cobwebs. For the first we may give start times depending on length rather than handicap. If you're over the line early just loop back round.


We're liaising with the RYA and Lake Wardens to make this activity as low-impact and respectful of others' committments as we can. The biggest impacts will be in five areas: -


i) crew arrangements : these should comply with the government's guidance concerning social groupings and social distance. So ideally keep 1m apart and restrict to two households (plus anyone social-bubbling with either of those households). It probably makse sense to stick to assigned roles. Skippers are responsible for whether their crews must wear masks or other PPE as appropriate. Skipper's should make sure that any crew changes comply with government guidance on social distancing, and be able to provide social tracing information if required.


ii) man (or woman) overboard protocol : Obviously safety is the primary concern and if necessary the normal ugrency protocols will apply, but in less urgent cases skippers should expect to retrieve their own crews whenever possible. To this end we will require a boarding ladder to be available as part of the required equipment for racing.


iii) We will also require a functioning VHF radio to be carried.


iv) Post-racing social : We understand that the BoatHouse is reopening but will require table bookings and table service. A table can be booked per boat and we are liaising with the BoatHouse about how those who would like to do so may book for after a race. We also understand that the Boathouse may be offering takeaways which can be taken back to the boat/car, so we may be able to organise something along those lines as well for those interested.


v) Ferry Nab : there are restrictions on the use of Ferry Nab jetties at the moment. Skippers should make sure they read the Lake Wardens' notices (on their facebook page).


We will send an update text and add more detail here as things firm up over the week. Feel free to email any of the ususal suspects if you want to come along : Times like these make us all appreciate the real value of friends and friendships - old members, and friends are welcome to participate in the pursuit race or the socially distanced social sailing loop afterwards!


With warnest wishes :-)


p.s. We'll plan to start the social looping around 1540 with the pursuit race ending 1530. Starts will be roughly the same as usual.



One-Design Championships Postponed ....

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2019-2020 Windermere Winter Series Winners

1st Place: House of Fun

Vx One

2019 Spinlock IRC GBR Inland Champions

2nd Place: House of Fun


2019 Spinlock IRC GBR Inland Championships Runner Up

3rd Place: Off-Limits

Beneteau Platu 25

2019 Spinlock IRC GBR Inland Championships 2nd Runner Up

2020-2021 Windermere Winter Series

The WCA is pleased to confirm that IRC have approved the 2020-2021 Winter Series as the 4th Spinlock IRC GBR Inland Championships.


The Winter Series Page has more details.

Summer Sailing Status:

Gentle Pursuit
followed by
Social sailing loop


Sat 11th or Sun 12th July


Start times TBC

Social looping ~1540


Racing Status:



New Dates:
Sat 7th & Sun 8th Nov 2020


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