Summer Series Update

We are well into the 2018 Summer Series now and so perhaps it's time for a quick update.

1. We have now transitioned to CYCA. The last few remainging boats on temporary numbers are all standard and aren't expected to change when their ratings are issued. I will send out emails to gee along the last few owners next week, and in a few weeks will only inlcude boats with CYCA rating certificates in the results. (WMV Marina fleet excepted.)

2. The new Inter-club weekend regatta format was very popular. We have the second next weekend and I will post more details soon.

3. Experimental races - we've tried two so far; the "One can start" and "Gates are great." They had relatively modest turnouts (five entries in each) which was as expected given that the first was early in the year (1st April) and the latter was before a Pursuit Race. Those that did enter seemed to enjoy the formats, and it gives the committee something to think about for next summer.

Racing Status:
Sat 16 June Marina Series
Race #3
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